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Home Automation In A New House


Taking preventive steps is way better than a cure anytime. Prevention save you from all the hassle and even helps at saving a lot of fortune in future during certain situations. This is applicable on electrical automation in a new house. If, you play wisely and call Electrician Chandler before starting of wiring up phase, your house can be future ready. It’s easier to be done during the initial stage only. This won’t increase your wiring costs as well. In instances where this automation is skipped by a home owner or electrician, problems arise in future. You don’t want your walls and ceiling to be rigged out in near future.

How to plan automation-

  • Discuss with your electrician: When wiring starts in your new house, speak with your electrician about electrical automation. Usually, all the professional electricians follow this but, it’s better if you remind them about this. Taking this step will make sure that you get a house which is organized very well for the upcoming automatic technologies. Let’s start with the process! It’s crucial that your electrician race neutral wires to all the electrical intersection holders. Install holders in a way that they are extended down in the wall to fix automatic appliances in them in future.
  • Spare outlets: Further, install at least one extra electric outlet in each of your rooms during initial wiring only. These can be used easily in future when you increase the use of appliances. If, you don’t desire to have proper outlets with switches installed right now then, just get the junctions installed with all the wiring. Now, get these points covered with a protective electricity safe leaf. Use these points in future whenever required. This step is crucial as, in future you will need more outlets for sure. Why not plan for them right now and save in near future.
Electrician Chandler
  • Audio and Visual: Another future possibility is inducting speakers in the house. You never know what inventions are to come in succeeding time. For getting your house ready for any such future requirements, get conduits which have cable. These will be helpful for installation of speakers, video instruments and internet wiring whenever required. These automation wiring solutions are amazing and you will thank yourself for these in coming time. Imagine your house fully geared with speakers and assessable video gadgets. The thought is tempting and so very welcoming. Here, don’t get confused between cable conduits and electric conduits as they are not alike. Both have different functioning.
  • Wire cabinet: Moving on to another point, ask your carpenter to affix a compact closet in your hall or some other median place of your new house. This is a prime part of home automation. You can do this yourself looking at a DIY on Google. Your electrician can guide you at this as well. This creation will be easy to do at this stage as other work is in process as well. The cabinet will contain electrical patch panels in it. The future automation distribution panels will be stored in it as well. This kind of box will be highly suitable for placing media server devices securely.
  • Wireless: Apart from normal speakers, leave points for speakers that are installed inside walls or in your fall-ceiling. They will give you a house that is fully audio possible. Leaving extra electrical conduits in every possible room will let you get touch panels installed very effortlessly in future automation need. Rolling mobile or wireless is also a possibility in future. The skilled electricians automate new houses keeping this aspect in mind. You can remind them about this too! So that, there is no possibility left for it to be skipped by any chance. Do read full details about going wireless before you plan it.

Things You Need To Know About Home Safety Inspections


We all have called an expert electrician like Electrician Chandler to fix our electrical problems like when our switch has gone bad or when any of our appliances are not working properly. But do we remember when we took home safety inspection? Regular home safety inspection can prevent house fires which are usually caused by faulty wires or overloaded circuits. To make our home safe for our dear ones, it’s important that you value the home safety inspections. House safety inspection should be carried out:
  • When you are buying a new home.
  • When your home is older than 30 years and the wirings are also damaged and frayed.
  • When you are thinking of installing a new appliance.
  • When you are renovating your home.
  • When you are going to sell your home.
  • When you are regularly facing the electrical problems in your home and the appliances are behaving erratically.
What does a home safety inspection involve?
  • Electrical panels - Your electrician will thoroughly inspect the electrical panels and breakers for any kind of rust or damage. He will check if the panel is competent enough to provide the sufficient amount of electricity for your home. If needed your electrician will upgrade the electrical panel and change the old breakers.
  • Wirings – Your electrician will ensure that the wiring in your home is up to the code and it is not damaged or exposed. The cables should be properly insulated and protected. He will also check the kind of wiring that your home possesses. Older houses have aluminum wirings which are responsible for fire hazards as they act differently when they get rusty. If you are planning to sell your house, the old wiring will decrease the value of your house. The insurance companies will also refuse to cover it.
Electrician Chandler
  • Outlets - Your electrician will inspect if GFCI outlets are present near the water areas like near the swimming pool, kitchen, and bathroom. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) are the outlets specifically designed to cut the electricity when are exposed to water. They will prevent the short circuit and save from any electrical hazards.
  • Lighting, outlets, and switches – The electrician will check if all the outlets and switches are properly grounded. The switches should not be loose and the outlets should not be burnt. Sparking outlets also pose the threat of fire. He will repair, tighten or replace the parts in order to make everything right and working.
  • Surge protection- Voltage surge can damage your expensive appliances so in order to protect them for the fluctuating voltage, a surge protector is used. A surge protector is connected to the important appliances in your home like a computer, television etc. If you have frequent voltage fluctuation in your area, your electrician will protect the entire home with the help of surge protector.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors- If your home has a furnace which is very old and which works inefficiently, it's important to get carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is formed as a result of incomplete combustion. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas which can cause confusion, disorientation and even death. Regular cleaning and replacing the filters of the furnace can prevent the formation of carbon monoxide gas.
  • Child electrical safety – If you have children in your home it is important that you make your home a safe place for them. Your electrician will replace the outlets with the covered ones.
The home safety inspection is important to rule out any electrical danger. Another added benefit of having the inspection is that it can bring out some issues that were unknown to you and repairing them in advance can prevent the future inconvenience.

Why My AC Isn’t Cool Enough?


Is your air conditioner not cooling sufficiently?
We know and understand how you feel in the humid and hot weather. An air conditioner system is a vital thing in most of the homes, and it’s expected to work without any glitches particularly during days with unforgivingly hot summer months.
It is probable to find out ways of warming the house up during cold days. You may have windows and doors sealed and shut; dressed in warmer clothes, and cosy near the fireplace while having hot tea or coffee.
Well, reserve of this won’t be enough when it becomes hot.
Things get hard when weather gets very hot. Things even can get unbearable inside if your air conditioner isn’t cold. Here are a few possible reason why.
The Filter Is Murky and Blocking Air Flow
Dirty air filters makes the Air Conditioner work overtime with an irregular air management becoming the very first thing which goes wrong. A well maintained and clean air filter will let cool air flow into the home.
The dust which accumulates around it makes it to heat up slightly and this affects proper flow of cool air. Also, dirt in the filter means the system is offering polluted air.
A check of air filters each month to make sure that it’s clean and properly working can assist correct the issue.
Issues With Faulty Compressor – It Is Not Blowing Cool Air
Compressor is an important component in any Air Conditioner.
Its primary work is to cool the air before pumping it out in the room. If compressor has issues, its function is hindered.
Issues related to AC not offering cold air might stem from compressor getting blocked, and it means the cool air flow isn’t possible. The blockage can be caused by tiny debris, dirt and dust which is a very rare thing and must be fixed by AC Repair Chandler.

AC Repair Chandler

Debris or dirt might not block your compressor, and it fails to work still as it must.
In most of the cases, it can be frozen causing whole air conditioning unit not to work appropriately.
Ideally, compressor is actually meant to condense the air in order that it’s cool or cold prior to pumping it in the room. Have your compressor checked, repaired, and defrosted regularly so that is could cool the air.
The AC’s Coolant Is Leaking
Compressor of the AC pumps has an special fluid known as a refrigerant or coolant which the Air Conditioner can’t do without when it’s to cool air.
The principle of how a compressor works inside your AC units are same like those of how the compressor works in a fridge where the fluid tends to be pumped and recycled when it runs through the evaporator coils to simply cool the air.
In case the refrigerant is leaking, there won’t be a sufficient amount in your air conditioner for the system to work properly and generate cool air. Having coolant refilled and leakages repaired will solve the issue.
Leaky Or Dirty Evaporator Coils In Your Air Conditioner
The evaporator tends to be a series of the coils through which refrigerant circulates in order to cool the air.
It’s a vital part in the Air Conditioner that is accountable for cold air you wish the unit to generate. It won’t work as it must if it’s dirty. Sometimes, it might leak, and this might affect its efficiency too.
Cleaning it and making sure that it isn’t leaking the coolant could be all that’s required to have your air conditioning system generating cold air.

Why Should You Not Flush Any Feminine Products?


Attention, ladies! The public services announcement is there for you: do not flush down feminine products in the toilets. In defiance of the advice, you may declare, “What? However tampons say that they are flushable right on box!” But, once you identify how tampons, wipes, maxi pads, and the other “flush-friendly” items affect your septic tank or plumbing system, you will think twice about flushing them again ever.
How Can The Feminine Products Damage A Plumbing System?
Ever noticed any sign in ladies’ room requesting you to not flush any feminine products? Those small trashcans by toilet or the ones mounted to wall are not for decoration only —they are to accommodate the right disposal of feminine items, which should not go down toilet. Here is why:
On an average, tampons develop 10 times of their size after they’ve absorbed fluid. It makes them primary for blocking sewer drains, particularly in old systems where the roots have began growing in the pipes.
Tampons don’t break down ever. This means, unlike the toilet paper, if you gets caught on anything on its way in the drains, it does not dissolve. The tampon will then linger in the pipes and enable other remains to build up in and around it unless you call a professional plumber to clear all obstructions.
Even though your flushed a feminine product make it out from your plumbing systems, it isn’t in the clear still. It can cause a clog further down the lines, creating plumbing issues for the people residing next door. That is one certain way to make the neighbours hate you!
If tampons make it way to sewage treatment plants, which lots of them do, pumping station uses physical filter systems or chemical to break those down together with the other non-degradable products that wind up in the sewers. This is expensive and time-consuming, contributing billions to public wastewater treatment procedure every year. Once screened, non-degradable products are sent to landfill—where they might have ended up if you had just thrown them, without all the additional cost and risks to your plumbing systems!

Plumber Chandler

Tampons are quite damaging to the septic systems as well. Since they don’t degrade ever, they take up some space in the tanks, raising liquid level and enabling solids to block the distribution tubes. Ultimately, water might back up in your house or gather around the tank, where you know it is time to contact the expert plumber.
The Other Products You Must Never Flush
Make a rule in the home to never flush anything however toilet paper and human waste. That is it. No exception, even if word “flushable” is now printed on the box. For a few manufacturers, “flushable” just means product is quite small to disappear down a toilet drain if you flush. However with this sense, anything smaller than golf ball tends to be “flushable.”
As reminder, below are a few other generally flushed products that must never go down in the toilet:

  • Cotton swabs and balls
  • Any paper product except toilet paper, including napkins, paper towels and facial tissues
  • Dental floss
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Baby wipes
  • Condoms
  • Cigarette butts
  • Medicine or drugs
  • Diapers
  • Pet poop and Kitty litter
  • Fat, grease, and oil
  • Drain cleaning chemical
Accidentally Flushed Tampon Down the Toilets?
Do not panic—keep your eye on the plumbing of your home and watch out for signs of any clog, like slow drains, gurgling pipes, or sluggish flushing. If you see these problems, it is time to contact Plumber Chandler right away.

Pros Of Renovating Bathroom And Installing New Components


People usually ignore bathroom renovation as they believe that it is a very expensive and unimportant thing to do. Although it can cost you some money but still it can make your bathroom look very beautiful. It can also prevent water leaks and can also help in replacing or repairing of damaged or old components. This is why bathroom renovation is considered as something which comes with its own benefits.
Why renovate your bathroom?

  • Renovating your bathroom can help you in creating a more relaxing and comfortable environment. Making your bathroom comfortable is the first thing while doing a bathroom renovation as it helps in relaxing while using it. Some very small changes like installing a new toilet seat, tub, taps or shower can result in a very comfortable experience for whoever uses your bathroom.
  • Renovating your bathroom can increase the beauty of it and makes it very beautiful and stylish.This gives a very good and positive vibes to you. Also, good appearance can help in creating a very comfortable environment.
  • With the help of renovating your bathroom, you can add more space to it. When there is more space in a bathroom. You can place things that you like or you can shift things so that it would be easy for you to design it according to your comfort. To add more space to your bathroom you can either do construction or you can remove stuff which you don't find useful.
  • Renovating a bathroom can also result in increasing the cleanliness it.

Plumber Chandler

How to renovate your bathroom?

  • If you have decided to renovate your bathroom then you can start with replacing old pipes with the new one. The best pipes to install are the one made of copper which can contribute big time to your bathroom as they are resistant to corrosion and other damages. You can also get your shower and tub replaced which will help you in brightening up the bathroom.
  • Another way to renovate your bathrooms is to get toilet and interior lightning replace or repaired. These are the things, which can contribute to your bathroom if they are new or in a condition where they are working properly.
  • There are many psychological aspects to a clean bathroom too. Clean bathroom can increase your productivity and decrease your mental stress. Old bathroom components can result in bad hygiene. Old stuffs like shower, sink or tub can increase the number of bacteria which can be very bad for your health and a good bath. A little upgrade to these bathroom components can result in a better looking bathroom and you can use the bathroom without any worries like bad hygiene etc.
  • Although remodeling, renovating your bathroom can be a very costly process but this is one of those spendings which will pay you back. Either it is a big thing like painting your walls or a small thing like installing new components, they can all contribute to the look of your bathroom and will make it more beautiful.
Conclusion :
Bathroom plays a very important part in our daily life and that's why it is important to have a nice and beautiful bathroom. In order to do that you have to make sure that your bathroom is completely renovated and looks beautiful. Make sure that it has new and very efficient components, the drainage system is working properly and there is no water leakage. Also, you can always find a good plumber like Plumber Chandler in case you are facing any such issue and eventually you can get rid of them. ​

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