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Taking preventive steps is way better than a cure anytime. Prevention saves you from all the hassle and even helps at saving a lot of fortune in the future during certain situations. This is applicable to electrical automation in a new house. If you play wisely and call Electrician Chandler before starting of wiring up phase, your house can be future ready. It’s easier to be done during the initial stage only. This won’t increase your wiring costs as well. In instances where this automation is skipped by a homeowner or electrician, problems arise in future. You don’t want your walls and ceiling to be rigged out in near future.

How to plan automation –
  • Discuss with your electrician: When wiring starts in your new house, speak with your electrician about electrical automation. Usually, all the professional electricians follow this but, it’s better if you remind them about this. Taking this step will make sure that you get a house which is organized very well for the upcoming automatic technologies. Let’s start with the process! It’s crucial that your electrician race-neutral wires to all the electrical intersection holders. Install holders in a way that they are extended down in the wall to fix automatic appliances in them in future.
  • Spare outlets: Further, install at least one extra electric outlet in each of your rooms during initial wiring only. These can be used easily in the future when you increase the use of appliances. If, you don’t desire to have proper outlets with switches installed right now then, just get the junctions installed with all the wiring. Now, get these points covered with a protective electricity safe leaf. Use these points in future whenever required. This step is crucial as in future, you will need more outlets for sure. Why not plan for them right now and save in near future.
  • Audio and Visual: Another future possibility is inducting speakers in the house. You never know what inventions are to come in succeeding time. For getting your house ready for any such future requirements, get conduits which have cable. These will be helpful for the installation of speakers, video instruments and internet wiring whenever required. These automation wiring solutions are amazing and you will thank yourself for these in the coming time. Imagine your house fully geared with speakers and assessable video gadgets. The thought is tempting and so very welcoming. Here, don’t get confused between cable conduits and electric conduits as they are not alike. Both have different functioning.
  • Wire cabinet: Moving on to another point, ask your carpenter to affix a compact closet in your hall or some other median place of your new house. This is a prime part of home automation. You can do this yourself looking at a DIY on Google. Your electrician can guide you at this as well. This creation will be easy to do at this stage as other work is in process as well. The cabinet will contain electrical patch panels in it. The future automation distribution panels will be stored in it as well. This kind of box will be highly suitable for placing media server devices securely.
  • Wireless: Apart from normal speakers, leave points for speakers that are installed inside walls or in your fall-ceiling. They will give you a house that is fully audio possible. Leaving extra electrical conduits in every possible room will let you get touch panels installed very effortlessly in future automation need. Rolling mobile or wireless is also a possibility in the future. The skilled electricians automate new houses keeping this aspect in mind. You can remind them about this too! So that, there is no possibility left for it to be skipped by any chance. Do read full details about going wireless before you plan it.


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