Things you need to know about home safety inspections

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We all have called an expert electrician like Electrician Chandler to fix our electrical problems like when our switch has gone bad or when any of our appliances are not working properly. But do we remember when we took home safety inspection? Regular home safety inspection can prevent house fires which are usually caused by faulty wires or overloaded circuits. To make our home safe for our dear ones, it’s important that you value the home safety inspections.

House safety inspection should be carried out:
  • When you are buying a new home.
  • When your home is older than 30 years and the wirings are also damaged and frayed.
  • When you are thinking of installing a new appliance.
  • When you are renovating your home.
  • When you are going to sell your home.
  • When you are regularly facing the electrical problems in your home and the appliances are behaving erratically.
What does a home safety inspection involve?
  • Electrical panels – Your electrician will thoroughly inspect the electrical panels and breakers for any kind of rust or damage. He will check if the panel is competent enough to provide the sufficient amount of electricity for your home. If needed your electrician will upgrade the electrical panel and change the old breakers.
  • Wirings – Your electrician will ensure that the wiring in your home is up to the code and it is not damaged or exposed. The cables should be properly insulated and protected. He will also check the kind of wiring that your home possesses. Older houses have aluminum wirings which are responsible for fire hazards as they act differently when they get rusty. If you are planning to sell your house, the old wiring will decrease the value of your house. The insurance companies will also refuse to cover it.​
  • Outlets – Your electrician will inspect if GFCI outlets are present near the water areas like near the swimming pool, kitchen, and bathroom. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) are the outlets specifically designed to cut the electricity when are exposed to water. They will prevent the short circuit and save from any electrical hazards.
  • Lighting, outlets, and switches – The electrician will check if all the outlets and switches are properly grounded. The switches should not be loose and the outlets should not be burnt. Sparking outlets also pose the threat of fire. He will repair, tighten or replace the parts in order to make everything right and working.
  • Surge protection – Voltage surge can damage your expensive appliances so in order to protect them for the fluctuating voltage, a surge protector is used. A surge protector is connected to the important appliances in your home like a computer, television etc. If you have frequent voltage fluctuation in your area, your electrician will protect the entire home with the help of surge protector.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors – If your home has a furnace which is very old and which works inefficiently, it’s important to get carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is formed as a result of incomplete combustion. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas which can cause confusion, disorientation and even death. Regular cleaning and replacing the filters of the furnace can prevent the formation of carbon monoxide gas.
  • Child electrical safety – If you have children in your home it is important that you make your home a safe place for them. Your electrician will replace the outlets with the covered ones.

The home safety inspection is important to rule out any electrical danger. Another added benefit of having the inspection is that it can bring out some issues that were unknown to you and repairing them in advance can prevent the future inconvenience.


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