Why My AC Isn’t Cool Enough?

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Is your air conditioner not cooling sufficiently?

We know and understand how you feel in the humid and hot weather. An air conditioner system is a vital thing in most of the homes, and it’s expected to work without any glitches particularly during days with unforgivingly hot summer months.
It is probable to find out ways of warming the house up during cold days. You may have windows and doors sealed and shut; dressed in warmer clothes, and cozy near the fireplace while having hot tea or coffee.
Well, a reserve of this won’t be enough when it becomes hot.
Things get hard when the weather gets very hot. Things even can get unbearable inside if your air conditioner isn’t cold. Here are a few possible reasons why.

The Filter Is Murky and Blocking Air Flow

Dirty air filters make the Air Conditioner work overtime with irregular air management becoming the very first thing which goes wrong. A well maintained and clean air filter will let cool air flow into the home.
The dust which accumulates around it makes it to heat up slightly and this affects proper flow of cool air. Also, dirt in the filter means the system is offering polluted air.
A check of air filters each month to make sure that it’s clean and properly working can assist correct the issue.

Issues With Faulty Compressor – It Is Not Blowing Cool Air

A compressor is an important component in any Air Conditioner.
Its primary work is to cool the air before pumping it out in the room. If a compressor has issues, its function is hindered.
Issues related to AC not offering cold air might stem from compressor getting blocked, and it means the cool air flow isn’t possible. The blockage can be caused by tiny debris, dirt, and dust which is a very rare thing and must be fixed by AC Repair Chandler.
Debris or dirt might not block your compressor, and it fails to work still as it must.
In most of the cases, it can be frozen causing whole air conditioning unit not to work appropriately.
Ideally, a compressor is actually meant to condense the air in order that it’s cool or cold prior to pumping it in the room. Have your compressor checked, repaired, and defrosted regularly so that is could cool the air.

The AC’s Coolant Is Leaking

A compressor of the AC pumps has a special fluid known as a refrigerant or coolant which the Air Conditioner can’t do without when it’s to cool air.
The principle of how a compressor works inside your AC units are same as those of how the compressor works in a fridge where the fluid tends to be pumped and recycled when it runs through the evaporator coils to simply cool the air.
In case the refrigerant is leaking, there won’t be a sufficient amount in your air conditioner for the system to work properly and generate cool air. Having coolant refilled and leakages repaired will solve the issue.

Leaky Or Dirty Evaporator Coils In Your Air Conditioner

The evaporator tends to be a series of the coils through which refrigerant circulates in order to cool the air.
It’s a vital part in the Air Conditioner that is accountable for cold air you wish the unit to generate. It won’t work as it must if it’s dirty. Sometimes, it might leak, and this might affect its efficiency too.
Cleaning it and making sure that it isn’t leaking the coolant could be all that’s required to have your air conditioning system generating cold air.


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